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Ochsner Lafayette General Medical Center, Patient Tower Renovation

Lafayette, LA

The Patient Tower of Lafayette General Medical Center, a 300-bed acute-care hospital, was originally constructed in 1961 without bathing facilities available to each room. Patient rooms were also small and suffered from a poor air conditioning system. WHLC designed this total renovation to the patient tower, which will completely revitalize the Medical Center. By installing a new building façade and relocating the position of the exterior wall, WHLC will increase the size of each patient room by three feet, redesign bathrooms to include showers, increase light and views to each patient room, install a modern air conditioning/heating system, increase energy efficiency, increase staff efficiency, and completely modernize the building exterior. This was all accomplished at a fraction of the cost of building a new facility.

Project Team

News and Insights about Patient Tower Renovation


Research from The University Medical Center of Princeton confirms the importance of design in patient recovery

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The Lafayette General Foundation hosted it's annual Foundation Gala yesterday evening at the La Marquis Ballroom in Parc Lafayette. What a success!

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Lafayette (La.) General Medical Center lies in the heart of Acadiana, the home of the Cajuns who settled in southwest Louisiana in the 18th century. So it's not too surprising that the hospital's foundation teamed up with Louisiana Folk Roots for a project that taps into the area's rich heritage.

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