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International School

Florien, LA

Nestled in the natural beauty of its hilly woodlands site, this International School offers a unique learning environment of first class campus facilities, educational curriculum and recreational amentites.

The site of this new school was once the Emerald Hills Golf Resort, which included an 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, hotel, conference center, restaurant, and condominiums. All of these existing facilities are to be adapted for the school’s needs. The hotel is to be converted to dormitories, the conference center is to become a dining hall, the restaurant is to become a student lounge and convenience store, as well as school administrative offices, and the condominiums are to become teacher housing. In addition to the adapted existing facilities, there will be a new classroom building with 16 classrooms, and a 230-seat auditorium. There will also be a new fitness center, gymnasium, and pool.

Project Team

News and Insights about International School

A new WHLC project aims to transform an existing hotel into a world class international school with a focus on sports performance.

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