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Baton Rouge Health District featured in Currents magazine

The Infrastructure Implementation Plan


WHLC Architecture has served an integral role in the planning vision for the Baton Rouge Health District, alongside public, state, and community agencies, stakeholder groups, and the Health District members. WHLC was also on the planning team of the FuturEBR Comprehensive Plan that revealed the need to better define the growing 1,000-acre area.

Today, the district is advancing a planned vision to improve traffic access, address stormwater drainage, and enhance the pedestrian experience, all while conserving 140 acres of the Ward Creek Watershed and developing a 10-mile bike-ped Health Loop along Ward and Dawson Creeks.

“Our charge was to look at the most meaningful, value-added and practical enhancements—to take what are now more standard city streets and develop more quality and character to them that are consistent with a district.”

– Rex Cabaniss

In 2018, WHLC Architects Rex Cabaniss and Guy (Alex) Avellone completed the Baton Rouge Health District’s Infrastructure Implementation Plan outlining the integration of signage, lighting, landscaping, bike/ped/transit, public art, and community gathering spaces; as noted in the Baton Rouge Area Foundation’s Currents 2021 third quarter cover story.

A health & wellness framework guides the district vision from sustainable mixed-use developments to walkable complete streets to recreation amenities. With a market brand including the region’s premier healthcare and research institutions, the Health District is poised to grow into a second city center as a vibrant live-work-play community.

To read more on what the future holds for the Baton Rouge Health District, check out the entire article from the Baton Rouge Area Foundation here.