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VATAN Mixed-Use Development

Fairhope, AL

Luxury Living in Fairhope, AL

VATAN – [Moroccan] – Noun / vatan̄ / “The epitome of all your culture, history and identity; your homeland”

Uniquely situated in the heart of downtown Fairhope at the corner of Magnolia and Church, VATAN is a 29,000 square feet luxury mixed-use community that is comprised of two commercial spaces and seven 2-3 story residences. The development is located less than one block from an abundance of restaurants, boutiques, wine bars, coffee shops and various entertainment venues and just three blocks directly east of the expansive Fairhope waterfront park system along the shores of Mobile Bay, making it one of the most walkable communities along the Eastern Shore. The residential units’ intimate layouts provide a comfortable retreat from the surrounding activity – connected to one another by private amenities, a central circulation/courtyard space, and the historic live oaks that will remain as a vital amenity to the site.

The architectural character of VATAN blends well with the more traditional coastal architecture in the area but adds a contemporary twist and a heightened emphasis of artistry and craftsmanship. The attention to detail acts to punctuate the undeniable charm and inspiring scenery of Fairhope.

Project Team