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RiverDream Entertainment

Shreveport, LA

Building Louisiana's Film Industry

RiverDream Studios is a master-planned, film industry campus with comprehensive studio facilities along with residential and commercial development. The 240,000 sf studio will serve the needs of the film, television, video gaming and commercial production industries.

The full-service complex entails 18,000 sf & 50,000 sf Sound Stages, a 10,000 sf Television Stage, 2,500 sf Studio/Limbo Stage, Foley & ADR Stages, Production Offices, Editing Suites, Screening Suites, Animation Department, Green Rooms, Stagecraft areas, and Kitchen and Dining facilities.

The 50-acre site includes warehousing and mill facilities, expansive back lot and staging areas, loading docks, a helipad, and future growth expansion capacity.

Project Team