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WHLC Hosts LSU Architecture Camp Firm Tour

Opening Our Doors to the Future Generation of Architects


This past week, WHLC had to opportunity to host the LSU Architecture Camp for a tour of our firm and a look into the daily lives of our Architects and Designers. We were excited to open our doors to high school students looking to pursue a degree in Architecture in the near future and answer any questions they may have about what’s to come. LSU Architecture Camp gives high school students the opportunity to attend a one-week experience travelling around the Baton Rouge area touring various construction sites and firms associated with Architecture and Design in an effort to expose them to the ins and outs of life for professional Architects. Outside of physical tours and trips around town, the camp is hosted on LSU's campus where the students are able to participate in hands-on exercises including model-making activities. 

WHLC has been supporting the camp for many years in various ways. Two of our team members, Sarah and Brandon, attended the camp years ago when they were in high school, and both credit the camp for giving them a clear sense of what they were passionate about and what would eventually come to fruition in their professions as an architect and designer. Brandon, who graduated from LSU in 2018 with a Bachelor of Architecture, has been working as an architectural designer for WHLC for almost three years. Looking back on his experience at LSU Architecture camp in 2012, Brandon says, "Attending LSU Architecture camp was a game-changer for me. It not only ignited my passion for architecture but also provided me with the necessary tools and knowledge to navigate the challenges of college and the real world. It opened doors to endless possibilities and equipped me with a solid foundation to pursue my dreams in the field of architecture."  WHLC only played a small part in the one-week long camp, but through giving students the opportunity to come in and learn about the architectural process from start to finish and connect with our team, we hope to inspire this future generation of Architects and Designers.