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Sanova Dermatology Receives AIA LA Honor Award


Sanova Dermatology was granted an Honor Award by the AIA Louisiana Chapter at the 75th Anniversary Gala in New Orleans. The Architecture Honor Awards program recognizes achievements for a broad range of architectural activity in order to elevate the general quality of architectural practice, to establish a standard of excellence against which all architects can measure performance, and to inform the public expectations for architectural practice, its breadth, and its value.

The project was designed in partnership with C.SILVA Architect and built by Arkel Constructors.  

Sanova relocated their dermatology practice which specializes in skin cancer surgeries, cosmetic treatments, and medical dermatology into the first floor of a new, modern medical office building.  The overall vision for the medical office was to enhance the sense of well-being for both patients and staff. The goal was to create a welcoming and patient-centered setting to deliver expert skin care.

The challenge in designing the space was to provide an atmosphere suitable for surgery without making it feel sterile or intimidating. The designers created a design where functionality did not take away from aesthetic decisions. A modern approach was taken for the furnishings, fixtures, and finishes to create a clean, uncluttered space.

Finishes and colors were used strategically to separate public areas from clinical areas, without disrupting the continuity of space. Soft colors and natural materials, accentuated by the ample use of natural light, promote a fresh, modern, and relaxing environment where expert skin care is delivered with personal attention.

The building provides a soothing, comfortable, and healing atmosphere.