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Do Big Ideas Require Big Budgets?

WHLC delivers regardless of project scope

by Lauren Hatcher & Rex Cabaniss

Boutique hotel. Boutique condo. Boutique fitness. Freestanding emergency department. Urgent Care. Lifestyle center.

These buzzwords are currently common in the world of architecture and development . They describe a trend toward smaller, more intimate spaces. These spaces are intensely focused on their brand or niche customer. However, smaller does not have to mean less character, less detail, or fewer big ideas.

WHLC is designing smaller spaces with big ideas across multiple sectors. While the firm has historically been known for big healthcare projects, multi-story condo buildings, major office buildings, and multi-faceted master plans; several recent projects highlight creative, unique, and thoughtful designs regardless of the project size or budget.


Biscayne Beach in Miami, Florida was a unique opportunity to develop a grand design with this 50-story condo. More recent condo projects such as Costa Blanca in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida and Azura Key in Perdido Key, Florida provide opportunities to deliver unique buildings with abundant allure and character. The key in delivering these projects is thoughtful consideration of the needs and wants of the client, and ultimately the end user.  Through deep understanding of city codes, ordinances, and the regional market, WHLC brings additional value to developers and at times find solutions that allow a concept to become a viable project.

Azura Key, Perdido Key, Florida


With demographic and regulation changes, the way consumers access healthcare is changing. Doctors are available in urgent care centers with expanded hours and more locations. Emergency departments are unattached to hospital and located in less urban areas. Doctor’s offices offer expanded services outside of those traditionally seen in healthcare. WHLC has implemented best practices in these areas with the design of the Freestanding Emergency Department at Our Lady of Lourdes in Scott, LA and the at Baton Rouge General's Neighborhood Hospital in Prarieville, LA, as well as at Sanova Dermatology in Baton Rouge, LA.

Baton Rouge General Ascension Neighborhood Hospital, Prarieville, LA


The rise in online retail has put pressure on the brick and mortar storefront. Consumers are seeking and expecting a unique experience and not just a transaction.  Centers with unique approaches to parking, consumer-centered layouts, and interaction with the surrounding area ultimately provide a more memorable consumer experience. These planning and design techniques were applied by WHLC in boutique centers such as Wiltz Ridge, coming soon from Deumite Construction, and Siegen Professional Plaza, both in Baton Rouge, LA. 

Wiltz Ridge, Baton Rouge, LA


Large office buildings have long-relied on WHLC to plan and customize tenant spaces to meet the unique needs of the multiple end users. Through the years, innumerable tenant spaces have been designed for tenants at II City Plaza, Chase Tower North, and United Plaza, just to name a few. Each tenant space must reflect the personality, culture, and brand of the user and meet the needs of their customers, while also respecting the standards of the building. Assimilating the multiple demands of the space can be challenging but by listening to the client and exploring multiple options, the right idea always comes to life.

At WHLC we deliver big ideas. Approached correctly, big ideas can be developed and brought to life regardless of the project scope. These big ideas then have a greater and more lasting impact on consumer satisfaction, and often the bottom line.

Emergent Method, Baton Rouge, LA